Connecting Point

Our Vision
Whether you are new to the Princeton Meadow community or a longstanding member, Connecting Point is for you. Join us this week as we continue to discover the Gospel together.
Connect. Engage. Equip

Connecting you to discipleship community focused on doing life together

Engaging you in a discipleship program that will move you from a spectator to a player in the Gospel

Equipping you to live the Gospel 7 days instead of 1

Sunday Schedule

9:00 am – Arrive

9:10 am – Story & Dialogue

9:30 am – Groups

9:50 am – Wrap up

Connecting Point is a weekly meeting where people gather to share a meal and connect with one another. Each week, the host will kick off the session by sharing a story directly from the Bible.

Participants are grouped together with a skilled table leader charged with applying the story to everyday life. Tables discover how the Gospel can be a part of everyday life and encourage each other to live God’s word daily.